Monday, August 15, 2011

"don't drive me crazy, drive me to casino!"

picture overload much?

If you weren't at the Anderson Reunion last weekend, then you won't have any idea what that title means. I guess you could say it's privileged information, or somethin like that. Ha. All I can say is thank goodness for D.I. granny sweatshirts. It's time for another confession-session. (P.S. it's fun to say "session" like this: "se-see-ahn" I'm gettin' a French vibe, anyone else?)

confession numero uno: I recently decided to start as a "newbie" on a bunch of things. What does this mean, you ask? It means I'm starting with a clean slate, a clean shiny chalkboard, etc. etc. I decided that I'm an action kind of a girl and I hate waiting. So I'm not gonna do any of that anymore. Sorry if this made no sense. Guess I just had to say it.

confession 2: I may or may not like the smell of lemon fresh PineSol a little too much.

confession 3: I got asked if I liked to swing on vines the other day in a text conversation. I tell you, texting is a funny thing sometimes.

confession 4: I have fallen prey to the "pumped up kicks" phenomenon and I don't know why.

confession 5: I happen to enjoy thunderstorms mixed with a bit of lightning. Last night's was a stunner. Also, I just said "stunner." Call me names at will.

confession 6: All I really want for lunch today is a PB+Banana sandwich (and maybe tomorrow and maybe the next day)

confession 7: I'm actually daydreaming about snow because snow=snowboarding.

confession 8: I had a dream about Mumford & Sons the other night. I think I listen to them a little too much.

confession 9: I have a problem with killing bugs, unless it's a fly or a mosquito. Or a poisonous spider. If it's anything else I will try and preserve its life somehow.

confession 10: If a guy has good grammar, that is a turn-on. Then again, if he has bad hygiene, fuhget about it.

confession 11: I hate sunburned lips, because then you get chapped lips, and then you put Carmex on it, and then you have poky, greasy lips. Not kissable at all. Not like that's what I was leaning towards...but you know...gotta be prepared. Ha.

confession 12: homecomings are often anti-climactic.

confession 13: When people speak in languages I don't understand (anything 'sides English and Spanish), I just like to close my eyes and listen to it. I like other languages, wish I was multi-lingual.

confession 14: this confession session has gone on long enough. I'll tell you how that swinging on vines goes latah.



oh p.s. all these pics are from my tumblr, yep, i have one of those. add that to the confession session. I've been thinkin' about sticking some of my favorites from my tumblr on here every once in awhile. That thing is quite entertaining.


funsizetessa said...


JP Anderson said...

I like your style McFrenzy.

Em said...

I too love your style McFrenzy. I'd put any given piece on my pinterest board. infact, I just might.

And take me to casino please.

Ging said...

I like all of them but was wondering about confession 12. Hmmm....

Jen said...

TAke me to Casino!!!! LOL! Love that sweatshirt - wear it with pride young lady! Love you and your blog confessions!!

ashley @ the 29th floor said...

count your blessings... love