Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blown Away

The past few days I haven't really bothered making my hair perfecto before heading out to class; this is because of something I'm going to call the "Rexburg Phenomena." I'll explain: you look at your calendar, and it says that the month is "May." Well then you watch TV, and the weatherman says that it's supposed to be "sunny." All of these things usually have one thing in common: the season most often known as spring. Unfortunately, those of us living in Eastern Idaho during the curious month of May don't really understand this supposed change in the weather that's supposed to take place between March and April. I only wish that I could put a little recording on this post with the sound that my window is making right now; it kinda sounds like a screeching 2 year old. By now you've probably guessed what the sound really is--the Rexburg Phenomena is the constant-hurricane-ish-hair's-worst-enemy called wind. This wind is unlike wind in other states because in Idaho, there are no mountains around to block it out. So if you're standing at the top of campus and if you're not wearing a helmet (most people don't for social reasons), your hair is going to get a bit tousled. You're going to feel like you need anchors on the bottom of your clothes. You're going to wish you had an umbrella...just to see what would happen. You're going to forget about seeing people's faces and just settling for recognizing people by their voice. Which can be embarassing when you guess the wrong person under that flying mane. Today I learned something new about Idaho: spring doesn't start until the wind stops...and, well, so far the forecast isn't so hot. Pardon the pun.

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JP Anderson said...

Oh the winds of eastern Idaho. You've just got to make to best of it. We use to take large garbage bags and jump off the trampoline with them held open to see how far it would blow us. Not too far really but you could feel the force. Or hold a tarp in between two of us and ride our skateboards down the street. Kite flying is no good though. Enjoy!