Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Because I Feel Like It

  1. I'm going to start up the "phantom-poem-leaving" bidnez again. I might even get halfway to famous!
  2. Instead of staying silent in the back row as usual, from now on I'm going to speak in Spanish to my Spanish teacher because I can. Just this very day she said (in Spanish of course, bahah) "McKenzie speaks Spanish?! McKenzie stays silent in class but....she speaks Spanish!" Why yes...yes I do! Who'd a thunk?!
  3. I'm going to beat down the pavement (and/or treadmill depending on the arrival of spring weather) with those brand spankin' new shoes because they are screaming to be abused.
  4. I am not going to let my fiancee, whoever he is, propose to me over the phone. This happened to one of my roommates this past weekend, and she accepted, but for reals?! Phones are for "Hi, how are you?" not "Hi, will you marry me?"
  5. I am going to go to bed before 1am. Yesyesyes I will! My poor body can't take the exhaustion anymore, even though somehow I've been able to stay awake in all of my classes.
  6. I will continue to read Junie B. Jones to my roommate because it's our end-of-the-day, feel-like-a-kid, laugh-until-we-cry time.
  7. I am going to make excuses to serve people.
  8. My children will be educated in the following: Arthur, reading Little Critter books, and climbing trees (even if they skin their knees).
  9. I am going to stay positive and throw that feeling around to others like a virus. That kind of sounded bad, but this is one virus that you don't want to get a shot for! I promise!
  10. I am going to end this random post now and get back to mi tarea. Goodnight for now!



Propose over the phone? She should have told him to watch the mail box for an answer.

Hope you are doing well and good luck with your list! Lists are awesome.

Em said...

Phantom poems? I hope I see one on a lamppost near me...

Ging said...

What a wonder of wonders you are. How could you be mine? How lucky can one Mom get? I am inspired- thank you.