Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girl in the Mask

What a crazy first week of school, gee whiz! I started out on Monday with my English 252 class, which is all about research, writing resumes, and basically finding a job in the English profession besides that of a teacher (no offense to teachers, who I love). Then it was off to Spanish 201, a class in which you must speak the language of love at all times and in all things and in all places. It's good practice, but now I know the fear that accompanies lil' green missionaries trying to learn a language. It's hard when you really don't know what you're saying! I also know, however, that if you put enough effort and desire into a challenge, the Lord will make up the rest.

My other classes are Math 108 (so far I've been doin' A-okay in this class but that's subject to change), English 110 (my professor talks like a muppet but dang is he FUNNY!), Marriage and Family Relations (our professor said that if we showed up in raincoats to class he wouldn't be offended...can ya guess why? Let's just say he's into what he teaches. I've got not problem with that. As long as I'm in the back row.), and Book of Mormon with one of the best religion teachers I've ever had. I've already learned so much about 1st Nephi in two class periods that I never understood or realized before. It's definitely worth the 6am alarm.

Okay, enough with the academic shtuff. I'll get on to the juicy goods, which I know is the whole reason most of you read this blog (wink wink). On Saturday, my roomie Chelsea and I decided we were going to be productive after a laaaate night (I won't say how late was morning). First we walked to the grocery store and got some goods for our apartment. The hard part was walking back because, well, stealing shopping carts is a felony and so we had to make use of our triceps instead. We thought that maybe if we dragged our bags on the sidewalk and looked really flustered some Priesthood holder driving by would stop and offer us a ride. But don't worry mom, I wouldn't have said yes, because I don't ride with strangers. Right? Right. Anywho, we got home from the store super-duper sore and feeling hungry. So we decided to walk to Subway (call me traitor all you want but Quizno's is so much farther from my apartment!) and get some fuel for our weary muscles. We have one of those circular chairs people used in the 70's that sits on a bamboo-ish stand thing... (see pic below) and we decided to drag it onto the porch and eat our sandwiches there. Why not bask in the (temporary) sun of Rexburg? That's what we thought. Don't worry the interesting parts are coming I promise!

After that we started the homework marathon. I started at about 2:30 and finished at 9. That's right, 6 1/2 hours of homework! During our study time, there was a faint knocking on the front door. I thought it was our roomies coming home from Idaho Falls, but then Chelsea said someone was at the door and to go get it. I guess it didn't register in my brain and I kinda just looked at her. She must've really been in a hurry to get the door because she jumped off of her bed, tripped on her computer cord (which proceeded to crash to the floor and be dragged by her across the room), fell across some boxes on our floor, and smashed into the doorframe. We both started to laugh hysterically and panic at the same time because whoever was at the door was probably still there...oh dear. Well Chelsea, all bruised and battered, was laughing still and I was having a hard time breathing, but eventually we got up and got the door. Upon examination of her computer later, she found a big crack in the keyboard and a chip off of the top. Dangitall! She has a good attitude though and just kinda laughed it off. After that whole incident, she called a bunch of people in her family to tell them her sad/funny story and her homework was forgotten until Christina and Niki got home. Finally it was scary movie time! Well the movie we rented (What Lies Beneath) had a crack in the disc and so we took it back to Hollywood. There's only one other place to rent movies in Rexburg besides a Redbox, and that's good ol' Horkley's. I think it's about 50 cents for VHS and maybe a buck for DVD's? Anywho, we found our movie on VHS and we were pretty excited about that. Cheap college kids, I know. Well the whole time we're in the video store I had some facial mask on, but I didn't realize that I was still wearing some. I had put it on a few hours before but never rinsed it off. When I realized this I quickly put my hood over my head and said, "Why didn't anyone tell me I had mask on?! Ahh!" All my roomies just laughed at me and assured me that "you can't really see it." Psh!

Wow that was a lot longer of a post than I wanted it to be... but the point is that us college students really know how to party on the weekends. Homework, food, homework, movies, homework. Rinse. Repeat. And don't forget the rinse part!!! Ugh...






shawn rowley said...

krazy.....just wacky. all i did was walk the dog in the mountains while it snowed, one of us had fun. guess who?

Em said...

lol. I miss good roommate adventures. I recall taking the bus to Wal-mart when non of us had a car and figuring out the transit system + 30 minutes of shopping = 4 hours. needless to say, we walked the rest of the year.

Terri said...

Hey what does it cost to get your food delivered. I know thats a business or should be. Keep on Keepin on and get to bed!

Amy said...

Love the stories of college life. Glad to hear you're still si dedicated to homework. love ya Kenz

Ging said...

Giggle giggle. Tell Chelsea I understand the part about the request to get the door "not registering with you" Tee Hee. I am so glad you have good roommates.