Wednesday, November 28, 2012

farewell for now


Yes, it's true. The time has come for me to hang up my hat when it comes to this here blog (and really the hat I'm wearing is super cute so I'm not actually taking it off...k?).

Please, do not cry. I'll be back someday! But it will probably be a different blog altogether. I just don't know when.

Reasons why I'm ending all of the fun:

  • Lately I've felt like blogging is a chore. I've kept this blog since I was in college, and that's kind of what it was for in the first place. My life is a lot different now, and, welp, I hate to say it, but not as interesting. Also I don't have a camera and I'm pretty sure if I did you wouldn't want to see pictures of my cubicle. I don't even want to see my cubicle. You know what I mean?
  • Blogging is awesome and it's also the worst thing that ever happened. Because I read so many amazing blogs and then I start comparing myself/my life to all of these other amazing people, and I get kind of sad about it. And I feel like whatever I blog isn't going to "measure up." Yeah, I know, it's silly, but it's a real thing when you enter the blogosphere (p.s. that is a weird word via the internet). So I need to take a break from it for awhile. Blogging shouldn't feel like a competition, ya know?
  • I'm getting tired of blogging the same old things. I've lost my creative juice. Also it kind of feels pointless to blog when nobody is really reading it (p.s. I can't tell you're reading it if you don't comment. kthanksbye). If you want scruff, go here. If you want foresty pictures, go here. If you want delicious displays of food, go here. Oh wait, that's my other blog that has 800 followers somehow! That blog is kind of like my "dream life." And that's where I'll be hanging out from now on. 
Peace out girl scouts (er..and boys scouts, if there are any reading this, which I highly doubt, unless Caleb is reading this, then hiiiiiiiiii Caleb!)


J Black said...

Sometimes blogging makes you feel like the guy who taps the mic and says "Is this thing on?"

Your metaphorical mic is always on for me. I am sad this blog is biting the dust. Maybe you need to do something crazy and get inspired? Who knows?

P.S. I miss you.

Jen said...

I do NOT agree with or support this post in any way, shape or form. Say it isn't so.

Amy said...

I love reading your thoughts. I love reading about the things you love.

Doodle said...

This is me. Andrea. Reading your blog and loving it because it is so fantastic sometimes I can't even handle it.

JP Anderson said...

I'm a boy scout. (once a scout always a scout right?) I'm also sad to see you go but I know how you feel. Go live your life and bring us back new and great things when you're ready.

Adam & Allie said...

I am NOT okay with this! :( But I understand. I hope you'll come back soon! Blogging is falling off the map... sniff sniff sniff.