Tuesday, October 30, 2012


It's about to snow and I'm not sure how I feel about it, mostly because I don't feel as if I have sufficiently relished October. On the other hand, I remember the exact day it began to snow last year in Rexburg...October 9th. I had a soccer game. Key word is had. So we're slightly ahead of the curve this time.

I found this post from the olden days and laughed until I cried. Ellie you perfect Asian 7-year-old you.

I discovered Beach House. What in the what, why has nobody forced me to listen to them before now?

This postcard was basically written by me.

Work has been pretty lame this week, I don't know why. Gloomy weather just makes me want to stay in bed and read all day. I still have four unfinished books by my bed. That's what renewing your library books ten times is for, am I right?

I contemplated abandoning this blog because um, that's what I've been doing anyway, but if I officially abandoned it then I wouldn't feel obligated to post for the zero people that read this. Negative Nancy, go to sleep.

Oh btw I also started using Spotify (I know, so 2010). What can I say, I liked it when Pandora just made me a playlist and surprised me with good music. But now I can rotate some good tune-age whenever I want. Right now it's Desert Noises every live long day.

The election is in one week, gah. Remember when this happened? I'm glad it will be over because #1, election night gives me anxiety to the nth degree and #2, people will hopefully stop posting all of the political craziness on facespace. f'reallllllls, I don't know how much more mud slinging I can take. Brown is not my color when it's...dirt. Kbye.

FYI I also saw the new Bourne movie and I have decided that a bearded Jeremy Renner is an attractive Jeremy Renner indeed. Go see it please or I'll...have to think of a good threat later because srsly, I just took two advil and we all know what medicine does to me.


p.s. I'm only slightly embarrassed that half of my photobucket library is scruff.
up next: some more riveting blog posts, I swear. I don't have instagram but I will get you to comment!
p.p.s Star Wars 7 is happening. I don't know what to say except what in the junk. Do you remember the last 3 they made? DO YOU?!


Anonymous said...

I miss you lovely lady! But reading your posts make me feel like you are sitting right next to me. Do you have skype? We should skype soon!

Jen said...

Don't you dare threaten to stop blogging ! OHHH Geezh I would just cry! I love your blog! I love you!

Jess Ellis said...

a. you must never stop blogging
b. scruff is highly underrated. and i believe that it makes any man a gazillion times hotter.
c. october definitely was not long enough!
d. star wars 7??? areyoufreakinkiddingme!?! i think my sister thought i was having a heart attack. i couldn't breathe and i was frantically pointing at the screen...
e. you are my favorite. the end.

Ali W. said...

Ughhhh Rexburg snow is the worst! Please don't stop blogging! You are hilarious. The weather is horrible here too. I totally want to just lay in bed and do nothing!

Ging said...

Thank you for introducing so many wonderful musicians/bands to the Livingston household. You have been under-recognized for your genius in this area. I too love your blog- I get so much more McKenzie, so dont stop, not never.