Thursday, June 7, 2012

time to confess

please see #10

1) the other night I watched...oh gash....I watched the bachelorette, okay! and it was terrible and I was half-laughing, half-groaning at the dumbness of it all. promise to never watch it again. I'd like to keep the IQ points I have left, thanks.

2) I spent my whole day with a hot pad. Classy.

3) Every time summer arrives, I realize that most of the t-shirts I possess are from D.I. this needs to change.

4) I'm craving JCW's so bad it hurts. It actually is hurting my stomach to think of it. Because I know as soon as I eat it I'm gonna feel worse. But still...I want that cheeseburger. Come hither, greasy food. I dunno what I just said either.

5) I go on midnight bike If you see me, say hello. But don't run over me, k?

6) I'm reallllllllllllllly excited for the Olympics, guys. Not even joking, it's like my favorite thing to watch every four years. fjdsklfjafjdsl;afjl;sajf;sajfd All of these commercials on NBC aren't helping.

7) I think I listened to this song ten times today.

8) I almost dislocated my index finger trying to play the F chord on guitar. Teaching yourself an instrument is no joke. I also have a zig-zag tan, messy hair, and I daydream about living in a cabin in the woods. #hippieinthemaking

9) I cut my hair in April. It grew an inch since then. AN INCH. I know, some of you out there wish your hair grew this fast. But for reals, my hair does not stay short for very long. p.s. I take fish oils.

10) I just found this blog today.
out loud reaction: noooooooooooooooooooooooo
in my head reaction: yesyesyesyesyes!!!!!!!

In other words, you're welcome.

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Jen said...

I love it when you blog! Thanks for commiting yourself to not EVER watching that again! YUCK! Love you! can I come on a midnight bike ride with you -