Monday, June 11, 2012

reasons I'm learning to play guitar

because he's not on this blog enough

So, I have been begging my parents for a guitar since I was 15. Every Christmas it was the same, and to be honest, I started to do it just for laughs. I randomly put it on my Christmas list this past year as a joke. Seriously, I did not expect to see a guitar sitting by our tree on December 25th, but see one I did. I started to laugh, which apparently is something I do when I don't think someone is being serious. I start to giggle. It's nicer than saying "yeah, right." p.s. thanks parents for that, it's still one of the best presents ever of all time.

It would've been saweet to take a guitar class for free at BYU-I, especially since I had one semester left, but I wasn't allowed to take anymore classes (dumb credit holds..haha). So I enlisted my friend Dan-o to teach me the basics. After graduation, I bought a nifty book and have been practicing a little. But sometimes (read: almost always) learning an instrument is hard. I know, because I've been playing piano since age 8 and I still do not understand all the wonderfulness of that instrument.

Also, learning a instrument is frustrating because you want to be able to play awesome tuneage right now, and stop playing basic stuff like "O Susanna" and "Buffalo Gal." So sometimes the best thing to do when you are learning something new and kind of sucking at it, is to get inspired by people who do it well.

Here's some music that's been helping me remember why I'm teaching myself the geetar. Listen to it if you want to be super happy and stuff. And if you don't want, can't help you much. You've come to the wrong blog, ma friend.

Keep Your Head Up (Acoustic)-Ben Howard
on a yes, double-awesome

Love Song for a Lover of Long Ago-Justin Vernon
lead singer of bon iver, so duh I'm gonna like it. and duh, you should too.

Comfort Me-Feist

The Bitter End-Blind Pilot
sooooooooooooooooo good

Light Year-Gregory Alan Isakov
(p.s. dad, you should listen to more of this guy's stuff. the end, amen.)

New Hampshire-Matt Pond PA

Falling Through the Roof-Horse Feathers

I Won't Cry!-My Morning Jacket

Waiting...-City and the Colour

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