Monday, June 13, 2011

I must confess...


someday soon I'm gonna sleep just like this.

  • Confession 1: I may or may not have gotten choked up multiple times at the finish line of the Teton Dam Marathon this past Saturday. Seeing the 80 year old finish, or the mom with the child in her arms, or the woman who was obviously in pain…man I’m a baby.
  • Confession 2: because of aforementioned finish-line-drama, I decided to run a half marathon in September down Spanish Fork Canyon. Cause I’m crazy and all that good stuff.
  • Confession 3: thanks to Amy M, I’ve been stalking this blog lately. Guess what? I’m gonna travel ‘til I die. Not really groundbreaking news…but I’m putting this in the “confession” category, meaning I am slightly embarrassed about how often I talk about it. When the travel bug bites, it bites hard. And leaves scars.
  • Confession 4: I love everything pumpkin (you’re thinking “aaand when is this confession-session actually gonna get juicy?!). And I may have made pumpkin oatmeal, a pumpkin pie smoothie, and pumpkin pancakes all in one week. It’s not even October, McKenzie. Geez.
  • Confession 5: Without a bike I feel nekked. Yeah, you heard me. That means without clothing. Ahh yah, look at me now, I can do a confession session, alright!
  • Confession 6: I would very much like for my children to have freckles, and if they don’t, well, guess I’ll take them back for a refund...oh I'm just kidding. Sort of.
  • Confession 7: I plan what I’m gonna put on burned CD’s before I give them to people months in advance. I hear a few songs and then I think, “Hey, ___(name of one of my friends here) would love this!” Bing-bang-boom, playlist created, CD burn-ed. Yeah, I’m efficient.
  • Confession 8: Justin Timberlake is obnoxious. Why do girls like him still? Yugh. (yugh=yuck+ugh, a word I just made up, and yes, I do that often)
  • Confession 9: I went to the taco bus not once, but dos veces last week. In a row.
  • Confession 10: I listen to the “Sigh No More” album about five times a week. Problem? I think so.
  • Confession 11: I am excited for Harry Potter 7.2! {and can I just say that adding the “point two” makes it sound like an updated software…except it’s Harry Potter…so maybe it’s Harry Potter—the updated version! AKA the last version, AKA the version when **** DIES! Sorry for all of you who haven’t read it yet and don’t know what I’m talking about. You’re sort of behind the times…just sayin’.}
  • Confession 12: There have been multiple times this semester when I’ve dreamed about dropping out and moving to the woods. It’s a scary thought, huh? Me, in the woods, with my bike, and my Chacos…this is starting to sound like a really bad version of “Into the Wild.” But then again, there wasn’t really a good version of that anyway.
  • Confession 13: I’m indecisive about my hair. This is an annoying idiosyncrasy of mine which others have noticed (*cough*Chelsea*cough). It may look awesome to you but to me it’s like Mufasa’s mane! I don’t want to be one of those people who hates their hair and everyone else loves it. So I’m trying to change my ways.
  • Confession 14: I don’t like computers. Let’s just leave it at that.
  • Confession 15: I introduced my younger siblings to Bob Dylan and The Beatles. And they like it. Oops. Wait…I mean…I’M AWESOME!
  • Confession 16: I want this confession session to be over before you all realize how much you really don’t want to know all of this information about me. Am I too late? Anyone?? (crickets…)
Ok. Bye…

p.s. "confession" is a weird word.


Terri said...

Dear Kenz please try pumpkin curry at a thai restraunt. Also please continue to cry at sappy things and come see us in Sept just hand left out of the canyon..

Amy said...

Marathons choke me up and inspire me too. Have you tried pumpkin waffles? Oh mama, with buttermilk syrup.

Em said...

Lets eat pumpkin waffles at the finish line!

funsizetessa said...

bahahahahaah i miss our confessions to each other. i plan on sending one to you soon enough. i love all of your confessions.

Michelle said...

I was thinking about pumpkin today too! I miss eating pumpkin oatmeal!

Britney Jean said...

i LOVE the way she is sleeping!

and i also love the randomness of this list. priceless.

Ging said...

I love your confessions and happy lists and bucket lists and Monday lists-all. Glimpses into your inner workings are always delightful.