Wednesday, June 8, 2011

blurgh times a thousand

Oh, this week.

The things I could say.

But I'll save that for Friday...

Just know that there is another dig list coming up. And something about unicorns (as per my mother's request--and if it was anyone else requesting that particular subject I would make like a snake and attack. And that made no sense.). And funny pictures.

You don't wanna miss this.

For now I'm copying busybeelauren and lynsey with a summer to-do list. We've hit the six week mark now, and I couldn't be more ready for summah.
  1. go to Zion's. Please someone take me...otherwise I'm gonna hitchike. And, well, I could do that, but I might come back a hippie and nobody would recognize me.
  2. play soccer with Caleb and Ellie pretty much every day.
  3. trampoline sleepovers (I copied Lyns)
  4. adventures with Tessa and Allie (including but not limited to Target, Zupa's, the pitcher's mound, random music festivals we are bound to find, and other mischief)
  5. somehow buy a guitar and then find a hipster to teach me how to play it.
  6. initiate pancake saturdays at the Livingston casa.
  7. fix my feet and run every day like I did in the olden days.
  8. hike Timp or the Y. Or BOTH.
  9. go fishing with dad at Tibble Fork Reservoir or Catherine Creek. Basically anyplace where there's fish. Yeah, dad, I'm seeerious.
  10. craft with the madre. can we go to used bookstores too? and the D.I.? okay thanks. not even a question...
  11. sticky shoe theater with ike! I don't even care which movie it is to be honest.
  12. ride my bike to the library every week and get more books for that booklist o' mine.
  13. make new mixed CDs to give away.
  14. photo scavenger hunt.
  15. bake homemade pizza with yummy toppings (aka mozzarella tomato and basil YUM)
  16. i plan on going down mary pulley lane really fast...on a bike...or in a shopping cart. heh.
  17. roll down the hill at "quail cove" or whatever they're calling the park across from the temple nowadays.
  18. temple every thursday just like I do now!
  19. cook dinner for the fam once a week at least. i have recipes to try!
  20. hammock. i need to break it in.
  21. somehow find a way to get to liz.
  22. learn how to longboard.
  23. stargazing.
  24. CAMPING. a MUST.
phew...that list is huge! and let's be honest, it's probably going to get bigger as the weeks go by and I lose half of my hair from school. I don't know why but I am really not quite here this semester! Must. Get. Through.

adios amigos!


Allison Marie said...

Everything on here sounds like the most perfect summer and I want to be involved as much as possible! Got it?!

Ging said...

Fun-let's get started and see how far we can go..

Brit said...

That is my favorite pizza also! I didn't know other people did that...well I figure someone had somehow some way but it was mostly an invention of ours by way of my thinking. An Zions, I will be going there -- biking there hopefully.

funsizetessa said...

I want to do all of this with you and Thursday is my temple day too! So how perf is that?

Amy said...

I love summer lists. Ours is done and we're working hard. Enjoy Kenz.