Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i just want to unwind in my time machine

Oregon always feels like a million miles away.
But really it's only 15 hours.
I think that maybe it's because every place I go to in that state
has some memory connected to it,
and memories that old feel far away.
We have to dive really deep sometimes
to conjure them up.
Places like...

The curb by Dayspring Fellowship,
where I tied my shoes before
embarking on another brutal River Walk
(all in the name of wrapping paper, yo).

The church with the kite-shaped roof,
where I showed mom my Ton of Reading
gold medal for the first time.
Funny how things that seem so huge
when you're a 5th grader
just end up in your closet years later.

Anywhere near Archie Lane, where I grew up
with my best friend, Liz.

River Road Park, which is all remodeled and
modernized now, but "back in my day,"
it was completely made of wood.
I think I spent 75% of my summer days
in that park
or getting dunked under the water at the pool
by certain persons who will remain unnamed.

The River Road Chapel,
where mom taught us that first year of seminary.
Where we met early in the morning for
scripture mastery, amazing race games,
and donuts.
I tried to find all of the secret hiding places
in that building (there's a lot, btw).

As we pulled out of my grandparents' driveway for what
could be the last time {in Eugene},
I started thinking about
how much of me is in Eugene,
and vice-versa.

And that made me kinda sad, because
I don't think I'll be going back for
a long time.

This time, for the 15-hour drive back home,
a few old memories from growing up there
started to take shape
in my brain...

watching Rugrats while mom fixed my hair and I waited
for the bus to take me to kindergarten

the smell of Pert shampoo and Irish Spring Soap...
every time I smell it I think of
Grandma Neda's house.

retrieving the wiffle balls from the other
side of the fence
when Ikey hit them over.
I wonder why he never got them...

going to Christmas fairs with my mom
and sometimes Cheryl (lizzy's mom),
Once they caved and bought us
one of those ridikkilus
cinnamon rolls.
You know, the ones
as big as your head.

going to many soccer practices
but hardly ever playing in any games.
all of them were on sunday,
offf course.

The wave pool with expensive tubes for rental...
of course, we knew that all you had to do
was wait until someone dropped theirs,
and it was game time, baby.

the old brown furniture in the front room
at 311 Mint.
I jumped on it, made fake commercials on it,
sneakily ate on it,
and yes, once I peed on it.
But I was sleepwalking, ahem.

the many trips to the Oregon Coast.
this time when we visited
I tried to take my time walking on the sand,
looking at starfish,
and breathing in that fishy smell.
the scrapes on my legs from the tide-pool-incident
are almost gone....

Camp Alpine--from the first time I visited
at age 8, to the last time at age 15,
I always said I'd rather go there
for summer vacation than
Because at Disneyland, you can't
share a 2-man tent with 6 girls,
prank the 3rd year's latrines,
wear ridiculous beanies,
eat dutch oven deliciousness,
leave mail for your secret sister,
get lost on an unmarked trail,
swim with water snakes,
go on a solo hike at sunset,
or make up jingles all day long.

watching the following shows
which aren't on anymore
but they should be:

just don't forget to remember the olden days, mis amigos.

now go enjoy the present!


Amy said...

Sweet memories Kenz. Being a kid is I think I need more details on a few stories.
1. Peeing on the couch story- I know I'm gunna love that one.
2. Tide pool mishap story.

After reading your blog I kinda wanted to grow up there too!

shawn rowley said...

i know how you feel. when i return to Boise i always have one night of our usual 3 or 4 days when i can't sleep for the memories calling to me... i get in our van and drive around to all the places that i like you spent so much time and energy. i tend to only remember the glory and the beauty. and even at two o'clock in the morning i am filled with the light of soft and comforting memoir.

sleye1 said...

You managed to have a pretty happy life in spite of a bad father figure. You've got a lot of stories to tell your kids someday.


Terri said...

Im iss Doug and Richard Scary to and while I spent a handful of days in Eugene I miss the misty coast,blackberry bushes and , those great antique shops your mom took me to