Tuesday, August 10, 2010

15 hours in a car

me, at our final destination, with a senior pic of a guy who i look like

When we left Grandma Bonnie's at 9am-ish yesterday morning, I figured I was gonna be okay with the next few hours.
I mean, I've done the Rexburg-->Utah, Utah-->Rexburg trip
about a bajillion times.

But that's only 8 hours.
Only 8. Double that and add in a few of these adventures:

A stop in Paul, Idaho. It was pretty quiet in the cemetery, nobody else was there except a guy mowing the lawn. Mom took the opportunity to talk about the resurrection. Then Caleb, completely serious, looks up at her and asks,
"On resurrection morning, will there be dead zombies rampaging?"
Yes, Caleb, dead zombies rampaging.
Has anybody lent "Day of the Dead" to him recently?
Please come forward.

Major rainstorm in mountains, lightning striking
right by the car. Ellie plugged her ears saying "Make the rain noise stop! I don't wanna heaw it!"
Mom had to pull over a couple of times cause we
just couldn't see. It was a tad scary.

The Burger King in Pendleton had no tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, or pickles. Soo what are we supposed to eat then, Mr.
Burger King? I thought you said we could have it our way.

A stop in Troutdale revealed that Ellie does not have the greatest
manners in truck stop bathrooms.
I'll only say this: there was an incident with
wet toilet paper, a few "you fiend's!" from
the madre which I think other people in the bathroom heard, and a poor woman getting
shoved out of the way of our little princess.

Bring on the trip home, baby.

I promise I only ate 2 aussie bites...


sleye1 said...

Only two? Hmmmm...how many books did you eat along the way, dude?

P.S. and thanks so much for sharing the picture. Much.

Anonymous said...

YEAH YOU MADE IT SAFE!! I wish I was there to see you, Ike and your family. Come to Cali and visit me!!

Terri said...

Ya that sounds tretcherous. You can survive rain but need to avoid burger king and sharing pictures that are prohibited.

I liked it

Have fun at the beach I will be thinking about clam chowder and light houses. :(

Amy said...

I love Aussie Bites too! Sounds like the summer adventure has begun. Hope you are enjoying every bit of Oregon!

Em said...

rampaging zombies. stillll laughing...

funsize said...

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Those children and those stories...I laughed and laughed.