Saturday, January 2, 2010

two decades-worth

Gee, that was fast.

From two to twenty in...well...I guess it was 18 years, but it feels a lot shorter than that.

Somebody told me the other day that I'd been alive for almost two decades now. All I can think of is the word OLD. In all caps.

Here's a sampling of my teeny bit of time on earth. And I'm speaking in eternal terms now, people. No snickering at the word 'teeny.'

Growing up with this guy.
Always been a little taller than me, but as soon as the big 1-2 hit, he shot up like a tree and I stayed down below, where the weather is a little chillier. He might have a Kentucky drawl now, but he's still the best big bro I could've asked for.

Being birthed/raise
d/loved/watched over by these people:

She's got the scar to prove it. He's got the grey hairs. So thanks. Even though those aren't even the right words, or enough words, or even the right combination of words. I love you anyway.

meeting this girl (ten years ago, one day ago)

Never thought I'd have a best friend, let alone one like you. Love ya, kid, inside and out. That includes all of the super-embarrassing stuff I've seen you do, and the humiliating stuff you've seen me do. Man, our story is just one big fat embarrassing moment, isn't it? Thanks for the list that keeps getting longer. :)

being the big sister of these sort-of-shorter-than-me chilluns

The oldest one I first saw as a chubby, crazy-haired Chinese boy. He's still Chinese, but he's also an uber-smart, very thoughtful, Country-legends avid listener (yep, you read that right). Who just got baptized. I'm proud, yeah. Then there's Ellie-Belly. I guess dressing up little girls is better than cats...and less hairy. But she's much more than that--Ellie is my super-scrunch buddy, a talented gymnast, and a very generous girl. You kids have taught me a lot, even in my owlish age.

being related to all of these people
The fact that we are linked eternally gives me the goosebumps. 'Nuff said.

getting to grow up in or near these beautiful sights
When I dream, I dream about being in one of these places.

being guided by these prophets

When I get to heaven, after I find my ancestors, I'm looking for the guy on the right. Then of course, I'm going to go see the one on the left. After that, I've got 14 others to meet.

hearing (mostly) good stuff come out of these things when I put my hands on them:

having reasons to put pen to paper, because these people did:

Wowza, that was a checkin' long post. Twenty years worth of stuff just spilled on out like an upside ketchup bottle! Thanks for making them count, erebody. :)

i shall imagine life by e. e. Cummings
i shall imagine life
is not worth dying,if
(and when)roses complain
their beauties are in vain

but though mankind persuades
itself that every weed's
a rose,roses(you feel
certain)will only smile


JP Anderson said...

Happy birthday Kenz! Keep up on collecting wisdom and posting your thoughts. You don't look a day over 21.

Amy said...

That was awesome. Hope your birthday was A-mazing! love you girl.

Jen said...

That was a wonderful post - thanks for sharing the day with your Aunt JEnny who is much more owlish than you - not wise just old!

shawn rowley said...

that was quite a blog and wondefully reveiling about how you see your life in idealic terms.

i hope you continue to be who you are.

happy birthday kens.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ken! I can not believe how much time has gone by since we met each other. I am glad we met and I hope things are going well. Love ya!

what was i thinking?! said...

You're twenty? When did that happen? ;-) You are one extra-special, bionically wonderful young lady. So glad you are ours - And yes, I am working on a post all about your 20 years of glory - just running a little behind is, dad

Em said...

Kenz, you're an amazing woman. I feel dwarfed by your spirit and knowledge every time I read your blog. And this one definitely gives me the same feeling. Happy 2-0.

Ging said...

Since you were born I've been a bit astonished by it all. Around 10 I started feeling like the order of things had been reversed and you were supposed to be my mother. You have now done what every mother hopes- surpassed me. I admire you greatly- there is much to be admired.

Steven & Brooke said...

oh happy birthday, mckenzie! i am glad you're alive. you bring sunshine everywhere you go, which says a lot considering we live in rexburg. :)