Friday, January 29, 2010

hello world, this is your redhead speaking

I realized today that I haven't really posted mucho for a while. And videos don't really count. There's always a lot, lot, lot (emphasis on lot) swimming around in my brain and I thought I'd let it take a few laps, so here we go!
  • Major decisions coming up in my life: mission or volunteer in South America (I'm leaning towards Chile for some reason) or study abroad or marriage (okay, forget that last one, I'm too young for this)
  • Major events coming up in my month: interview to be an EFY counselor, get paid (yah, that's big, people), start training for a half-marathon in June, register for classes in my Junior year of college--hold on, let me contemplate that for a second--okay, I'm done.
  • New places I've added to my "to-go list":

Paris, France (haha, ok this isn't new. I've ALWAYS wanted to go here)
Superstition Mountains, Arizona--they make me only a "little stitous," not superstitious :)

India. Remember the movie "The Little Princess"? 'Nuff said.
Ireland, duh.
Tahiti, ahhhhhh. Just say it over and over. You'll start to relax.
Finland. Tell me you don't want to go. Yeah....that's what I thought.
Oh Alaska. Someday, my friend. Some day.
  • Just a smattering of the books on my booklist for this year (so far I've only got 22 on it, but trust me, it's going to get bigger):

  • My goal of going to the temple weekly is getting easier and easier--it's hard because of this (see number four)--especially when I realize that the people I'm getting baptized for have been waiting for a looonnnngggg time. Try 1726. Yowza!
  • Speaking of temples, I think I've decided on which one to get my endowments in (but I still haven't decided which one I'm getting married in, when the opportunity presents itself...don't get any ideas, people!)

  • Half-marathons I am deciding between (cast your votes, people!): this one with dad or this one with the Iderhoans.


Amy said...

Kenz- so much to do! I love your list. And I vote- Utah Valley 1/2. Go girl, GO!

chelsea said...

kenz! what a coink..sarah and i are running a half marathon in that's just a little sooner than you..haha i'm glad you are making so many important decisions!

FatherOfFour said...

I'm not stitious

Anonymous said...

Well, uvm is $5 cheaper and you get to run with your dad...but you know how i feel about Idaho, and you would get a shirt with dam printed on it...tough choice. Good luck with all those decisions. I am excited to see you in the near future (April-ish)

Em said...

You gotta be kidding me. Everything you just said, is MY favourite thing to do, every day!

Okay, mostly the list of places to visit, is SO inline with my list. I have been dreaming of India! :) And I want to read your book list. Really.

Chile would be pretty incredible. Perhaps you could see one of the sites on my "too see" list.

Cuernos Del Paine!

Kristen Moss said...

Mission! Hands down.

Maybe you will be sent to ireland??