Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Be Thankful for Stuff

I made it home. It's kind of a miracle because 1, I was driving on two hours of sleep, and 2, I drove through one of the busiest parts of Utah on a Friday night...on Thanksgiving weekend...with construction all around. As I was leaving Pocatello I narrowly avoided a head-on collision that had just happened in the lane next to mine. I must have been driving by seconds after it happened. There were three cars total, and one of them was in the embankment. Yikes! So thank you for all of you who prayed me home. I'm safe and sound in my own bed (hooray!).

There was an article in today's paper about how Thanksgiving gets overlooked because of greed--everyone wants Christmas to happen, and now! I know that not everyone thinks this way, but I do believe that Thanksgiving sometime does get a little bypassed as "another holiday when we eat a lot." Heheh. So, in honor of this upcoming Thursday, I'm going to make a gratitude list. Feel free to add to it!

I'm thankful for...
  1. rest stops, especially for an exhausted girl who also drinks too much water
  2. a working car heater, even though I had to turn it off a few times so it wouldn't lull me to sleep
  3. a home-cooked meal from my mom almost as soon as I walked in the door
  4. Chinese midgets
  5. fast internet
  6. November weather in Utah--crisp, chilly, scarf-wearing weather, minus the wind!
  7. temples all along my way home (that's kinda symbolic, isn't it?)
  8. Ben Harper, Joshua Radin, and Damien Rice (perfecto November music)
  9. my scriptures, even though after 11 years, the cover is finally showing signs of shredding :(
  10. Christmas lights!
  11. realizing that next Thanksgiving, a certain 6-foot blond will be across the hall from me once again
  12. free laundry...ahhh
  13. professors who understand why we have a week off and don't give us any homework
  14. going to bed before 6am
  15. "Sample Saturday" (anyone who loves Costco knows what I'm talking about)
  16. new, healthy cousins (Abby and Maggie, hooray!)
  17. Food Network on Thanksgiving week--I wanna be friends with Bobby Flay so he can make me sage and apple-glazed turkey and mulled cider (yes, he did)
  18. socks straight from the dryer
  19. clean sheets
  20. temple clothes
  21. driving past my high school...I don't know why it just makes me happy
  22. giving people my parking space
  23. knowing that when I go back to Rexburg there will only be 2 weeks of school left
  24. my parents. they're pretty cool, huh?
  25. not using capitalization at the beginning of my sentences. I feel like a rebel (but I can't bring myself to de-capitalize the "I." See? I just tried it and I had to change it.)
  26. dogs. they're smelly but I still love 'em.
  27. best friends
  28. newspapers (yes, I still read the paper!)
  29. planning Christmas presents for family members...I feel sneaky. It feels good.
  30. reading books that I've been reading since I was a kid to the other chilluns
  31. shampoo+water that isn't so hard it makes me look like I have dandruff
  32. Christmas cards
  33. the beloved instrument in our front room
  34. broken headphones (I was forced to clean the fieldhouse and the raquetball courts all by myself on Friday morning for 6 hours....without any music. It was quiet but still. You know?)
  35. parks and recreation/the office/30 rock/community (NBC is taking over the comedic world....uh-oh)
  36. parades
  37. holiday movies
  38. lists in general
  39. old journals
  40. Asics
  41. poetry contests, especially poetry contests that other people win ;)
  42. BYU football
  43. snow on the tops of the mountains
  44. driving past the "Welcome to Utah" sign
  45. good hygiene
  46. hand turkeys
  47. William Bradford and Squanto, for welcoming us in English!
  48. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  49. songs sung in Chinese by a Chinesean (yep, Caleb thinks he's Chinesean, which is a species)
  50. all of you who have bothered to read through this sure are curious! LOVE YOU ALL! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
I tag...everyone who reads this. Make your own gratitude list!


Jen said...

I love this list. Especially love the Chinese midgets!

shawn rowley said...

big list= big mind= big heart

i'm glad your my neice it makes me proud.

Kristen Moss said...