Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Been Tagged

5 Things I Don’t Leave The House Without

1. green humility bracelet (going on 5 months without taking it off!)
2. CTR ring
3. underwear, depending on how early it is (heheh gotcha there for a second, didn't I?)
4. a pack of gum
5. water bottle

5 Cartoons I Watched When I Was Younger

1. Rugrats
2. Recess (every Saturday morning, without fail)
3. Hey Arnold! (best cartoon ever, hands down)
4. Doug
5. Angry Beavers (can you believe there was actually a show in existence that was called this?)

5 Things That Terrify Me
1. Car accidents
2. Natural disasters

3. Dark shadows at night
4. Being home alone and hearing noises
5. Creepstaches/kidnappers

5 Things I Hate/Dislike That Everyone Else Seems To Like

1. I'm gonna copycat Amy and say the Twilight movies as well. Yesterday I saw the trailer for the next movie on TV and I started cracking up. I bet they didn't know they were making a comedy when they made that movie. Some of my roommates half-glared, half-stared in my direction. Haha it really is funny! Sorry...
2. Artichokes--baked, broiled, slathered in mayo, the hearts...ick. Ick ick ick!
3. Swimming in public pools....yeah. I dunno either.

4. Satanic/demonic scary movies. Come on now...if it involves evil spirits of some kind, that's kind of a warning sign that you won't feel very peaceful after watching it.
5. Math! I bet half of the world agrees with me, so maybe not "everyone" hates it

5 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. See the Northern Lights/go to Alaska (I figure they'll both happen at the same time)

2. Go to Europe, especially the Scandinavian countries
3. Speak Spanish fluently with a native Spanish speaker
4. Go to a temple in a foreign country (preferably not on this continent)
5. See the gospel go to a place like Somalia or the Middle East

5 Friends/Family I Tag

2. Niki
3. Mom
4. Savanna
5. Jen


Amy said...

I wanna go to the Northern Lights with you.

Ging said...

Good one. What is a creepstache? Give the next Twilight movie a break I think it will be better than the first although I found that one to be a disappointment- MAJOR. I'll get started on my tag

FatherOfFour said...

Whew! Glad to hear you're haven't given up on panties (Carol begged me not to use that word cuz she hates it. But I'm using it anyways). I'm sure Twilight will be OK (not) unless someone gets their feelings hurt. Then no way! ;-)