Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in Bidnez

Hullo, my name is McKenzie.

I am nineteen going on twenty (you wouldn't know it if you stood next to me in your high shoes).

Right now I'm speaking Spanish in my head.

My 4-year-old sister just asked me "Are you sure and are you steady?" I'm feeling older all of a sudden.

Books I'm diggin right now: Mastering Your Metabolism, The Infinite Atonement, the Miracle of Forgiveness, and Junie B. Jones

Song you should download (for free on iTunes, ya!): Wonderful by Gary Go

Video I'm eyeballin:

Website I'm surfin: the most awkward/hilarious thing you may ever see (p.s. I would suggest looking at ALL of the archives for the complete lose-your-composure experience)

Photo I'm in awe of (courtesy National Geographic):

St. Mary's Lake, Minnesota

I just thought I'd introduce myself. You see, I haven't been here for awhile.


Terri said...

What a nice re introduction. I would like to know how yoy managed to find that creepy awkward leather photo and all of its awkward friends.

what was i thinking?! said...

dude - you're just a bionic woman - how'd we get so lucky? Cute, smart AND funny!

shawn rowley said...

the family photo thing was hypnotic and sad like watching a cruse ship run down a small herd of dirty chickens.

Em said...

That was lovely, welcome back?
I'm sorry my post response is being distracted. On my last bite of cheerios i Just saw a weevil drowning.....uuughhhh..


Nice to get to know you! I am sure glad you were part of our family get together. You are an amazing young woman and I marvel at your maturity everytime I read your blog... come see us