Thursday, October 30, 2008

Da Party in the Crib (601)

So my parents have been complaining that I haven't been taking any pictures...and they're right. Oops. But my roommates sure have! So I think I have rights to this photo, even though I don't know whose camera it came from. This was taken a week ago today at Niki's birthday party (she's the one in the green stripes). As you can see, we college students know exactly how to throw a fact, we've left all the decorations up and they will probably stay where they are for the whole semester. Sarah (the one who's pulling a vampire face in my direction) re-curled the ribbons the other day while the rest of us were in class (she's off-track right now). So we pretty much think our apartment is the coolest one in the whole complex now because we have decor. I'll post some more embarrassing photos of me later on. Teaser: one involves a hillbilly face, which I know is your favorite, mom :-)

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