Friday, October 24, 2008

Currently Homesick For:

  • Portland Temple
  • The McKenzie River
  • Early-morning seminary
  • Masterpiece Theater on Sundays
  • Nintendo 64 with Ike
  • Goshen Grange in Winter
  • Camp Alpine
  • Christmas-tree hunting in Oregon
  • 567 Archie, 1338 Andersen, 311 Mint
  • Schultz Cabin
  • Oregon Coast
  • Mercer Lake
  • Griffey
  • Liz's House
  • Liz's Room
  • Liz
  • Pistachios
  • Alpine Loop in Autumn
  • Last Chance Trail (Sundance)
  • Cocoa and toast
  • River Bike Path (Eugene)
  • Neptune Beach
  • Heceta Head Lighthouse
  • A good clean rain
  • Homemade bread
  • AF Fitness Center
  • Dad's old movie collection
  • TiVo, and by extension, Eli Stone, The Office, and Pushing Daisies
  • Caleb's smile
  • Caleb's frown
  • Ellie's mischief
  • Isaac's kindness
  • Mama's advice
  • Dad's understanding
  • A quiet bedroom
  • Mucho Gusto
  • Pioneer Used Bookstore
  • Church History Museum
  • Frozen Yogurt Junction
  • River Road Park
  • Petersen Barn Park
  • WinCo
  • Free laundry


Ging said...

WOW-I am homesick for most of the same things, except I still get plenty of advice from my mother (and so do you come to think of it).Looking forward to providing you with some relief from your "ills" at Thanksgiving.

shawn said...

it gets easier but never goes away,,

a commonality of those who experience homesickness is; the existance of a heart.

good luck kid

FatherOfFour said...

Hey Kenz, Carol is actually expecting sextuplets. ;-) I hope you're able to overcome that gullibility, cuz we only have room for one person in the family that is that gullible. ;-) It's good to keep up on your college exploits. Just remember to have fun. I wish I would have remembered that when I started college. It is a great time of life, so enjoy it all!

Savanna Landrum said...

I cant wait to be homesick for stuff. I know it sounds weird but I'm really getting into the senior groove and planning for college is super fun.

Kenz said...

it IS super fun! My homesickness will most likely be reversed as soon as I return home and I will once again want to come back to Idaho. Sigh...