Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If I Had Enough Pennies, I'd Ask for the Thoughts of the World

...But since I am currently without sufficent moolah to hand out Abraham Lincoln's face to 6.5 billion people, I will simply have to ask you out of the love of your hearts. I have 8 to 18 pages of writing due for my Creative Writing class on Tuesday, and so far I have a couple of poems....and part of a short story. For those of us who aren't math whizzes (like me), that sure ain't enough to grant me an A I know I deserve, by golly! All I need from whoever reads this is nouns, verbs, places, colors, rhyme schemes, etc., and my writer's block will be cured. This would also help with my "Poem-A-Day" scheme, which I'm a bit behind on. The idea is to have written 365 poems by the end of the year; maybe a third of those being genuinely good poems. Anywho, the point is to let your mind wander--none of your suggestions have to be related. For example, some things I jotted down for a writing exercise last week (which eventually turned into a poem) were: seafoam (a favorite color), pitbull (a noun), fire hydrant (another noun), quixotic (adjective), hibernate (verb which a bear, a train, or a politician can do), awaken (opposite of the last verb), etc. I hope you're understanding this, because once you read it, it is your mission. If you don't accept, you might be thinking about it as much as me, which is definitley not a good thing. I'm the student, remember? You are now acting as my muse.... ready, set, IMAGINE!


what was i thinking?! said...

Ambergris (whale spit), superhero pioneers, burnt pancakes, bruised apples, volcanoes full of candy, President Monson on a skateboard, talking buffaloes (do you need more?)

luv, dad

brandnewredhead said...

more, more, more! let your imagination do all the talking :-)

Ging said...

personalized,disrespect(Caleb says I am disrespecting him when I give him a responsibility...)Dwight,organic, discipline,crafty vs. creative, dynamics of interpersonal relationships,clearance, snow white costume.There's a start- PARTY

Em said...

ok. i'm ready to get in on this. thanks for the heads up Ging. and Go:

idle engine, diesel sucking, sweaty white tees, vitriolic, goosebumps, knuckle hair, evaporate & condensate, size,color,shape,touch,mass,purpose (we used those descriptors in O.M. to find alt. uses for common items)
melanin, melatonin, melanoma
Apollonian and Dionysian, ring tone,flash, paper cut, glaze, water spots, digest, mustard yellow. :)

Jen said...

scarlet, canary yellow, Bugs Bunny, Warrior Moms, Sweet Peas, conundrum (what I'm having right now), snicker doodle, flash in the pan, unrecogonized dreams, unaccomplished potential, feather bed, rootsie pop, earmarked pork barrel promises, tone deaf choir, monotone mamma, sweaty pants, crooked cracks, capital gains, french vanilla, paper bag brown, burnt butter, bathroom noises, Cape Cod, Strap on jet pack, Lime Disease, ticks, sage brush, smores, flashlights, outhouses,

Jen said...

Grandma says she loves you! She's at my house! Love you too! Have fun! I would love to go back to college but just for a week! LOL!I hope those words are helpful. Jared said most of the funny ones - of course!

shawn said...

shawn: how many springer spaniels does it take to change a light bulb?

shawns dog: light bulb? whatsa a light bulb??? hey you gonna eat that?

you are so far away that you cannot find home.

you are being smothered by a freind ship that you need but just not so much.

a cold river running through a deep desert canyon, the canyon floor in covered by trees except for one barren place. why is it bare.

from the death of one comes the life of another, when is this not true?

why did george washington use so many commas

do leaves change color and fall off trees in the tropics?

if your rowing across the hudsen and you get a flat tire: how many pancakes does it take to fill the dog house??? five! because bananas don't have bones.

Terri said...

My turn; And I have been thinking about this.. gusee Im not ready to let go of the

My wide-eyed Chinese brother.
The acidic fantasy of failure.
Eager enchanting Eli.
Yummy yellow yogurt
My Tsunami.
Killing me softly.
An auspicious aurra.
Cornflower blue
copper penny
Love you happy Monday

brandnewredhead said...

Oh my heck I was born into a family of creative geniuses!!!! Thank the cruddy carpet I'm standing on! And thank you everybody who has ended my writer's block :-)