Monday, July 16, 2012

this is a preview because my stomach hurts

I was going to write a legitimate post today, guys. Honest. It was going to be the ultimate catch-up post, since, ya know, haven't really been writing on this thing for awhile (*cough* understatement). ANYway. Since I just puked two times (no, seriously) and I wanted you guys to know I had a legit excuse for not writing today, that's why this post exists.

Completely random and pointless. Here's what you can expect next time (no puke, I promise):
1. a bachelorette recap because why not
2. okay, so maybe I'll follow that last one up with puking
3. some music I've been jamming to lately
4. my life in general (minus the puking)
5. freckles and sun burns
6. men with facial hair, because again, WHY NOT
7. this bike I really want and can now pine for within reason
8. in one week I'll have a car. car= ..... (this is the preview part, meaning you'll hafta come back next time to find out what the ominous dots mean)
9. the rest o' my summer plans
10. fall and why I'm excited for fall and why everyone should always be excited for fall (duh, because it's fall)

since I feel weird just writing's a video. which I also posted on facespace. now if you'll excuse me, I feel pukish. sorry. 

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