Friday, April 2, 2010

Bob Dylan+Ballet in the Basement

Yeah, I alliterated. Is that even a word?

Yesterday I was folding laundry in the basement with Ellie and asked her if she wanted to pick a CD from dad's collection. She picked out Bob Dylan's best record (that's what I think anyway), "Blood on the Tracks."

I asked, "Bob Dylan? You wanna listen to Bob Dylan?"
Ellie says, "Yeah!! Bob Dylan! I loooove him!"

As "Tangled Up in Blue" came on the speakers, she began to pull off her increasingly skillful ballet moves across the floor. I bet you didn't think Bob Dylan could mix with the likes of tutus and pliés, did you.

Right now, I'm sitting next to another pile of folded laundry, Caleb on one side, Ellie on the other. Caleb is starting to sing along with "She was born in spring but I was born too late, blame it on a simple twist of fate." How many 8-year-old boys do you know that sing those lines (with a pretty high pitch too, mind you)?

When I asked Ellie if she wanted to listen to Mr. D. again, she jumped up and down, then started to warm up with some piqués and twirls.



Terri said...

Youre killin me. Ive never heard the album or seen it with coreography. Laundry could be fun again with you 3 around.

Em said...

Childrens' interests are so unique, as they are without pretense or social motif too. Bob Dylan rocks their socks,and that's genuinely fantastic.

Ging said...

I love date night. It would seem that everyone gets proper bonding and entertainment. Thanks for introducing them both to Bob