Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I Feel A Countdown Comin' On

It's Tuesday night...one week and three days from now I'll be in my toasty (no heat....in...this...apartment), oh-so-warm home in Utah. Did I mention it will be nice and hot? Heh...okay. But who woulda thunk that 30 degrees would seem like a paradise to me? Yep, I must live in Rexburg. We're getting down to the wire now, folks. I know I was just saying we had such-n-such weeks until Thanksiving, but that's gone and done now and I officially have only one week of actual classes, two days of tests, and one day of white glove scrubbing to go (hopefully just one hour). Here are the numbers:
  • Number of cans of soup leftover from this semester: 2
  • $ spent on quarters this semester: 20 bucks
  • Number of hours of sleep lost this semester: 50...ish?
  • Number of times gone to Utah and back: 6
  • Number of times accidentally sprayed myself with hose in locker room at 1am: 1
  • Number of broken Pyrex dishes: 1 (overheated glass=explosion in the oven)
  • Numberof WinCo trips to buy nuts...in bulk: 6 or 7
  • Number of packs of gum consumed: 30
  • Number of devotionals: 12
  • Number of sick roommates: 5 (doesn't include me)
  • Number of late-night library jaunts: countless
  • Number of random meetings with Broulim's employees/Hollywood employees (belt-buckle guy, Global Warming Guy, Die Hard Guy): 3, obviously
  • Number of temple trips: 10
  • $ spent on paper in the library (4 cents a page): $10
  • Number of papers written: 4 (I know, a record for an English major!)
  • Number of times fixed the broken toilet: 4
  • Number of recipes collected: hundreds
  • Number of missionaries written: 3
  • Number of times missed class: 8
  • Number of days left as underclassmen: 10
  • Number of times fell asleep thinking about home: every night


JP Anderson said...

Oh finals week. The worst week with the best ending.

Terri said...

Number of Days till you come home??? Number of days till you cant wait to go back again?? Number of trips to the dentist for TMJ from chewing 30 packs of gum??
Number of times Aunt Terri has said I love that Kenny girl today? 1

I love that Kenny Girl

Steven & Brooke said...

MCKENZIE! i didn't know you were a blogger! what did i not know this?! you are cute. and funny. your posts make me laugh. see you on friday

what was i thinking?! said...

We'll turn the heat up just for you - and turn the toilet back on in the basement. Aren't we awesome parents?


Ging said...

Sweetie- you can transfer to BYU you know. Free rent, food and washing machine- I'm just saying. I am starting to feel the pressure of someone whose day to day boredom and shenanigans is actually being looked-forward-to by a (nearly) 20 year old. I gotta go make some big plans. Love you.

Kristen Moss said...

NO HEAT? NO HEAT? You are crazy girl, I would be excited to leave too!