Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Miss This:

Standing with my arms folded and still feeling cool about myself. Oh, and my brother.

Have I mentioned that I miss my parents? This isn't homesickness, my friends. It's chronic being- four-hours away-and counting-down-the-days-'til-the-semester ends-ness. ouch.

Road trips with the family! Especially this one...it is one of my all-time favorite memories

Baby Caleb. Don't get me wrong, I love 7-year-old Caleb. But he doesn't have the same chubby-cheek appeal that he used to.

YES, YOU HEARD ME SAY IT! It only took a year and half to say it...but...I miss high school. Sue me.

These crazy children jumping on me every morning and asking me to get them breakfast. Cause you know what? I really don't mind getting them breakfast. I like it. I really do. Who gets to wake up to this cute of stuff each morning? Raise yo hands!

This dog, before he was a dog. I would've preferred it if he would've stayed a puppy, cause then he wouldn't be so old.

Being this little, without a care in the world (that includes what I wore)


me said...

Just come to BYU-Provo and at least one of those misses will be fixeded :) You could live with us and the green monster oven.

Jen said...

I loved those pictures Kenz! Miss you that's what I miss!

Ging said...

That was a thoughtful list. I am so glad you miss good things. I hope you will miss college almost as much when you are back with your boring ol' parents all winter long.

Terri said...

I also love your grounded appreciation of things that matter.
I miss Tuesday devotionals. Watching people from the library especially when their was ice,Vicking Bars,and My Ricks College.

what was i thinking?! said...

It's a good thing that we get to keep all of the good things, isn't it?

FatherOfFour said...

Kenz, always enjoy your blog, especially the funny stories, like your adventures at Quiznos. The trip down memory lane was nice.

Amy said...

What great things to miss, and what great pictures. I love that last one of you. Soon enough you will be back home enjoying most of those people you miss:)

shawn rowley said...

your observations are penatrating
to the human condition and a veiw into the soul from which you write.

some times the things you miss return to you and wait quietly in the front room until you notice them.

sometimes they never left us, only aren't familier with their new form.

and yes sometimes they are gone forever, but only rarely.

"a time to laugh and a time to cry...... and a time to live.