Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Single enough for the singles ward!

So...you know that movie where singles wards are just outright mocked? Well I have news: they aren't really like that! I mean yeah, some of them are solely for getting hitched, but the one I have recently begun to attend is just a place to make friends. And boy is that something I need right now! I was pretty afraid to go to a singles ward when I first moved back for the winter, so I stayed away from it for a few weeks. Then finally I got some guts and dived headfirst. I'm usually good with names, but every time I go to church now I forget who people are and if I've met them already. That's how many times I have introduced myself! What the junk?! When I told my bishop that I'd be staying until April, he said, "Right on!" and slapped me five. I was also called to the activities committee on my second sunday. Wahoodles! The truth is, the church is the same wherever you go. The only difference is the people--or should I say, the new friends you make.


Amy said...

Yeah! I am so glad you went to the Singles Ward. Sounds like it'll be a good place for you while you're home.

Terri said...

Uncle Shawn and I went to Singles ward Home Evening on Monday and it was FUN!! And we won the newlywed game among the bishopric and wives. I think this is an inspired idea and Im glad you are reconnecting. Love you Kenz